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About Nutraceuticals

Hippocrates (460 – 377 BC ), the well recognized father of modern medicine stated, “ Let food be the medicine & medicine be the food” to predict the relationship between appropriate food, health & their therapeutic benefits. Human lifestyle has changed drastically over the last few decades due to industrialization & changing work culture. Hence, they wish to avoid high tech & high risk modern medicine approach rather they are seeking complementary or alternative treatments. This makes Nutraceuticals more appealing. “Nutraceuticals” is a term coined in 1979 by Stephen Defelice. It is defined as “ A food or part of food that provides medical & health benefits including prevention & treatment of diseases”. Natural foods/ products have been known for their therapeutic values for centuries. In the modern era nutraceuticals have been used as immune boosters, antidiabetic, anticancerous, antimicrobial in short it helps in the development & improvement of overall health.

There is a vast cornucopia of herbs & foods which stimulate support & nourish our body system. Some have been used by traditional systems for several centuries & are now being evaluated by modern research.