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Orthoquel & Stance
Orthopaedic Casestudy

Osteo Arthritis

We used the combination for patient suffering from osteoarthritis majorly having complain of pain and on examination, crepitations.Within 10 days pain got better by 30% .After 30 days of medication pain got relieved by 80%, crept sound reduced by 60% and 70% of cases got completely treated. 90% of cases were treated within 60 days of medication.

Orthopaedic Casestudy


Along side the medication & Rest; plaster/immobiliser/ support/belt were used.A combination of Orthoquel and charical 1-1/C quest 1-0 was given for 3 months in majority cases pain settled down.

Subchondral fracture knee joint

Orthoquel, klobin, stance& knee immobiliser in combination was given to the patient who’s MRI showed subchondral fracture 50 % of pain decreased with the span of a month.In 60 days 90% of patients were treated and all cases were back to normal within 90 days


Vitamin D supplements if necessary was given in capsule or syrup form 60K international units.

Incase of knee pain knee support 0704 in majority of cases were given.

Taylor brace was suggested to people with wedge fracture in vertebra.



Basic back pain/lower back pain

We started Klobin with C Quest/Charical tablet, Patients started to show improvement and pain

relief in 10 days.
60% cases got better in 1 months time.

For patients who didn’t got better we found the need of further evaluation

MRI which showed

1)ligamentum flavum hypertrophy / facetal arthropathy

We added Ginplex capsule cases were managed in total 45 days

2)Mild to Mod disc bulge in L S spine

Klobin in combination with Rumarex Gold capsule & temerity for nerve toning.

80% cases managed in next 30 days time period.Pain for almost all cases came down by 90%..

Rest cases where managed with physiotherapy along side the medication.

CERVICAL spondylosis

Klobin with basic Ginplex

Helped managed cervical spondylosis in 80% cases in 30 days

Artorius/rumarex gold capsule were added medication to rest 20% cases ;

Around 95% of patients got managed in another 30days time.


Severe intervertebral disc prolapse

For cases who had the disc prolapse in cervical region loss of balance, no control over gait, patient unable to do fine fingers movements were advised to go for surgery directly.

Rumacare and Amrino
Orthopaedic Casestudy


Rotator cuff & Frozen shoulder

Along side the combination basic yoga Tadasan was given 50% case showed sign of improvement in first 10 days.In case of partial tear of rotator evaluated by doing MRI , we added Klobin tablet or stance 90% cases got better. For the 10% cases which were still in pain we started physiotherapy along side medication. No patients were untreated after the tenure of 90 days.

Tennis elbow & Golfer elbow

Vitamin deficiency or excess movement of tendon one of the major reasons for inflammed tendon.Alongside the combination we added Stance/C quest/Charical plus good rest.Showed sign’s of getting better in 10 days and in a months time 70% cases resolved.All the cases resolved in 2 months time.

Trigger Finger

It took around a months time to settle to 80% of cases.Added vitamins mineral. If needed klobin to the combination settling almost all cases in 45 days time.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rumacare Amrino Klobin a combination used for 30 days, 50 % of cases symptoms got relieved swelling, pain, stiffness decreased by 70%.

While Rumarex Gold Klobin Mosslin as a combination pain of 70% of cases decrease by 50% after 30 days severity 90% of cases decrease by 75%.

10% of severe cases were asked to do physiotherapy , specific movement for better quality of life .After 3 month 90% pain was relieved.After 5 months time there were no fresh complaints.If in winter pain haunts we asked to take the combination sos.

Crp reports got normal in majority cases Anti ccp levels decreased by 30-40 % Ra test showed positive results.

C Reactive Protein

Any kind of inflammation in the body inceases the level of CRP. We managed inflammation positive CRP levels related to joints with Rumacare Amrino Klobin settled in a months

Orthopaedic Casestudy


We started Rumacare and Amrino for major cases considering there might be a injury, degeneration or posture the main reason;70 to 80 % cases settled in first 20 days.

Remaining cases we felt the need of further evaluation MRI were the. Findings were bursitis, meniscus tear, partial ligament tear.We added KLOBIN tablet 1-1 to the above medication; Almost all cases settled in 90 days (ligament healing period consideration)

Ankle sprain

Twisting of ankle or swelling with no identified cause on ankle. The combination was given 70% patient got treated while pain even for the patients who were still having the condition got down by 60% at the end of 20th day.

For Further evaluation MRI of cases who didn’t settle was done various injuries to deltoid Ligament was found out. Klobin or stance or both were added based on severity of case ,successfully treated with 3 months span.

Orthopaedic Casestudy

Seronegative Sponylo Arthropathy


No known treatment .We started use of the combination with the desire to improve lifestyle of the patients with proper diet

      • Pain Relief
      • Decrease stiffness
      • Promote movement
      • Achieved in 1 months time with it started getting better from 2nd week.


Rumacare oil and Rumacare ointment were used in all the condition all alongside oral tablets.

The cases which didn’t really get better after 30 days Rumarex Gold was added to the line of treatment.If patient was heavy wighted mosslin was considered.

RUMAREX GOLD CAPSULE along side klobin tablet and mosslin if patients is heavy weighted were used in tendinopathy patient felt rejuvenated and pain started getting relieved in 10 days by 50% and majority of cases got well in a months time.