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Weight Management Casestudy

Detoxifies and cleanses your system

Over the years and by conducting a survey it was observed that majority of the population suffering from obesity or overweight had a disrupted gut health. They commonly faced issues such as constipation bloating indigestion and poor gut microbiome. Thus working on the digestive health first along with a good balance active lifestyle and consuming a well balance meal helped in reduction on weight.

An Ayurvedic herbal formulation was developed with a panel of doctors to work on the root cause of obesity. Various ayurvedic herbs were added to this tablet which can increase the activity of digestive enzymes, improve the fat/ lipid metabolism in the body, alongside also flush out toxins from the colon / intestinal tract, reduce gut inflammation, anti- thelmintic, blood purifying and also improve gastro-intestinal motility.

The aim of this study is to observe the effect of the above

mentioned Ayurvedic formulation on overweight and obese patients.

A total of 100 patients participated in this study. They fall under the category of overweight, obese and co-morbidly obese category. Their weight to hip ratio were also on the higher side. Their occupational backgrounds were majorly from business, working professionals from full time job and housewives / homemakers. Due to their inactive lifestyle and disrupted meal patterns and lifestyle they had gradually started gaining weight.

The study was divided into 3 groups. The first group were prescribed a well balanced meal/ diet plan but was low in calories. It was observed that only 30% of the total patients in group 1 lost only around 2-3 kilos in a first month post that within 3 months a plateau phase was observed.

The second group was just advised to take the Ayurvedic tablet Mosslin without any changes in the lifestyle or meal patterns. It was observed that only 50% of the patients in group 2 achieved their weight loss and inch loss goals. As the remaining patients were binge eating on junk food and were going over board on the portion sizes. And were not involved in any physical activity too, which lead them not achieving their weight loss goals.

Weight Management Casestudy

The third and the final group was advised to consume Mosslin tablet BID post meals along with a well balance meal plan with low calories and 30-45 mins. Of physical activity which can vary from brisk walking to any cardio vascular exercise routine or strength training too. It was observed that 75% of the total patients in group 3 not only lost weight but also lost around 2 -3 inches around the waist line and also inch loss was observed around the hip and thigh circumference.

Weight Management Casestudy

The above mentioned graphical representations depicts the inch loss around the waist hip and thigh circumference along with the total fat percentage. During the first 30 days it was observed that patients loss around 2.5 kilos along with 3.5 cm, 5 cm and 1.5cm around the waist, hip and thigh circumference respectively. At the end of60 days it was observed that patients lost around 4 kilos along with total inch loss of 5cm, 10cm and 2.5 cm around the waist, hip and thigh circumference respectively.

At the end of 3 months around 6 kilos were lost along with a total inch loss of 7.5cm, 12cm and 3 cm around the waist, hip and thigh circumference respectively.

The study on group 3 also saw a total of 3% loss in the fat percentage too.

Improving Digestive health

The formulation works on the route cause of obesity i.e. poor gut health. Improve / increase the release of digestive enzymes. To improve the gut metabolism and reduce indigestion.

Detoxifies your system

It will detoxify the Gastro intestinal system and improve lipid metabolism.

Nutritional Deficiencies

Nutritional deficiencies were also take care by evaluating the blood test reports and supplementing the body with necessary supplements such as for B12, Temerity was advised. For calcium supplementation C-Quest was advised and for vitamin D deficiency 60 k I.U. was advised. The above mentioned supplements were advised common deficiencies in patients.

Protein dense meals

Indian well balanced meal with proper portion control always has show great results in the study and to loose weight along with Mosslin.

Protein dense meals help with longer satiety levels and also allow to loose weight better.

  • 30 % of vegan protein was also advised to majority of the patients in group 3.
  • Vegan protein are nutrient dense and easy to digest.
  • The low calorie protein powder reduces the overall calories consumed by the patient per day.

Pease protein was advised along with Mosslin. To take care of the nourishment and was advised to consume as 2 small meals that is as breakfast and as snack to avoid consumption of junk food.

Pease Protein
Weight Management Casestudy


Protein has a good satiety value and thus can be used as meal replacer. The concerns while consuming protein are bloating & indigestion. If accompanied with ayurvedic herbs for strengthening and better absorption.


A group of 30 patients were prescribed PEASE PROTEIN (30% protein) and group II lost 2.5 kilos on an average plus 3 kilos in the next 30 days and they were prescribed a 50% protein without digestive herbs and digestive enzymes was observed, Group II developed severe bloating & indigestion. Group I lost around 3-4 kilos in the first 30 days post that they lost another 4 kilos on an average they were feeling better and even their hunger was significantly sufficed. Ayurvedic herbs in them made them feel energetic and felt better on the gut too. It was observed their lean muscle mass improved as compared to the once who did not consume along with strength training physical activities.


Weight loss: 2 scoops with water

3-4 kilos in a month along with a well balance home cooked meal and 30-40 mins of physical activity.

Weight gain: 2 scoops with milk or smoothies

Milk and smoothies will become nutrient dense when consumed with protein and will lead to weight gain.

Great meal replacer for working professionals

A nutrient dense and on the go easy to make options. Provides all the nutrients to carry out daily activities.

Improves Immunity

Pease protien has 30% protein which is easy to digest and can help with better recovery during sickness as it is nutrient dense.



  • No Added Sugar
  • Low Calorie Meal Replacement (87 Kcal Only)
  • Ayurvedic Herbs: Tulsi, Sunth, Musli, Ashwagandha.
  • Dietary Fibers: Apple & Oats Fibers for better Metabolism
  • Digestive Enzymes: Papain, Bromelain
  • Antioxidants: Grape Seed extract, Lycopene
“Equal proportion of Pea Brown Rice and Soy are used as protein sources in PEASE PROTEIN.
This combination makes up to a complete amino acid profile. It easy to digest and is used by doctors, nutritionists and dieticians.``
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