“I am on a diet, I won’t be eating dinner tonight.” 

How often do we quote this statement? With an expectation to lose weight.

Will skipping meals help you lose weight?

Yes, you might observe a loss of a few kilos. But is it good for a longer period of time?

Aren’t these questions always popping in our heads?


This blog will be addressing these preconceived notions about the co-relationship between skipping meals and losing weight.

Is eating less the solution to losing weight? Definitely, NO. When we skip our meals we are depriving our body from all the essential nutrients required by our body to complete the daily involuntary functions which are taking place in our body 24×7. If these nutrient requirements are not fulfilled by us to our body then it starts breaking down the essential nutrients which are stored in our body. Ideally these nutrients should have been utilized in the time of need, not while we skip our meals. This can lead to depletion of essential nutrients stored in the cell which can cause deficiencies, poor cell growth and improper functions in the body.

Irrespective of these long term problems, common metabolic concerns can also be observed. Our body has a set biological clock due to which our body starts producing digestive enzymes when it’s time for us to eat our meals. In usual conditions i.e. when we have our meals on time, these digestive enzymes or juices interact with our food and digest them for further absorption in our blood. But when we skip our meals these enzymes and digestive acids will react with our digestive linings instead of our food which will eventually trigger acidity or indigestion as there is no food in the stomach. 

Sometimes, skipping meals also leads to bloating or accumulation of gas in the stomach as there is no food. Our body fills itself with the air around us and it leads to bloating. 


The above problems clearly indicate, Skipping meals can lead to a lot of metabolic and indigestion problems which can become chronic when done for a longer period of time. 

Thus, it is also advisable never to skip your meals to lose weight as instead of losing weight you might harm your gut or your body indirectly.

It is also advisable to take assistance or consult a qualified health care professional before following any sort of meals or habits.