Skin care is an important regimen in our day to day life.

In our daily work routine, skincare is often neglected assuming skin is less important and we pay attention only when it is reflected in the form of disease..

Why skincare and does it require attention ?

Skin is the largest organ of the body. It not only acts as an outer covering to our body but it also acts as a thermal regulator . In fact, skin is a mirror of inner health, as soon as the internal health  deteriorates, skin may start showing signs and symptoms externally..

When to worry 

  • When we experience Itching ,redness, inflammation or a burning sensation.
  • Outgrowth like tags, warts also, hypo or hyper-pigmented diseases like vitiligo, PIH( Post Inflammatory Hyper-pigmentation) etc .
  • Bacterial, fungal, viral or parasitic infections manifest in the form of all of these symptoms varying in its intensity, duration and appearance .


  • Subjective symptoms like itching and burning can be at a serious level to make patients anxious.
  • Objective symptoms like growth change in colour of skin,  texture, discharges can be identified and diagnosed .

My Experience

During case studies, we have observed patients taking these initial symptoms casually or try to follow some home remedies till the condition becomes worse.

Measures to be Taken…

Proper diagnosis and treatment can be done only by a professional medical practitioner.

So it is important to understand the seriousness of every individual and avoid negligence.

Well Planned Diet 

Nutritional deficiencies play a major role in maintaining overall skin health .

Diet should be planned in such a way that it will comprise of all vitamins ,minerals, plenty of proteins ,moderate fats and liquids.

Protection of Skin 

Broad spectrum sunscreen can protect skin from harmful sunlight also UVA and UVB .

Type of sunscreen should be selected according to dry and oily skin as per professionals advice.


For thermoregulation, consumption of fluids is necessary in quantities especially in summers . Coconut water, Lemon water, Buttermilk , and fresh fruit juices should be consumed instead of aerated drinks.


  • Firstly avoid browsing over the internet about your symptoms as it might be dangerous to self diagnose and self medicate.
  • Stepping out in the Sun for a longer duration without any cause .
  • Antiperspirants block pores of the outer layer of the skin by aluminum hydrochloride inhibiting secretion of toxins which can cause inflammation at site.
  • Do not share clothes or accessories like comb, soaps, garments etc of the affected persons in fungal, parasitic infections as these are contagious.


Any kind of physical and mental stress deteriorates our overall health, one of which is skin related issues.

Naturally Overall hygiene and lifestyle management plays an important role in skin health.


Dr. Aparna Pitre

BHMS, DNDP Diploma in Diet & Nutrition

Diploma in Skin Aesthetics,

Diploma in Trichology

Flower remedy counselling